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2018 Aurora Chess Day

Last update 10.06.2018 04:18:35, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1Ottosen DavidCAN2136COMPOn (Barrie)
2Chernik DmitryCAN2101COMPOn (Toronto)
3CMKang DorianCAN2084COMPOn (Aurora)
4Macleod DavidCAN2019COMPOn (Newmarket)
5Berengolts IsaiCAN1995COMPOn (Richmond Hill)
6Brajkovic NikolaCAN1984COMPOn (Mississauga)
7Zhao Jeffrey RenfeiCAN1961COMPOn (Markham)
8AFMSupsup FerdinandCAN1937COMPOn (Misissauga)
9Miaco TrifelinoCAN1824COMPOn (Scarborough)
10Fadeev IlyaCAN1801COMPOn (Richmond Hill) - a
11Burton JoeCAN1738NONOn (Nepean)
12Barbarich ZdravkoCAN1565COMPOn (Richmond Hill)
13Onwuka EmekaCAN1543COMPOn (Newmarket)
14Banic JohnCAN1528NONOn (Richmond Hill)
15Xiao EdwardCAN1522COMPOn (Toronto)
16Hall WilliamCAN1492NONOn (Aurora)
17Gillis DougCAN1456NONOn (Aurora)
18Lim CarlCAN1387NONOn (Scarborough)
19Dong YiweiCAN1345NONOn (Toronto)
20Stroganov VictorCAN1297COMPOn (Toronto)
21Leblanc MiguelCAN1231COMPOn (Toronto)
22Moscatel JanuarioCAN1185COMPOn (Woodbridge)
23Fedyushchenko Alexander [sasha]CAN1164COMPOn (Barrie)
24Pishdad M. HassanCAN1142NONOn (Richmond Hill)
25Vijendra VinushanCAN1128NONOn (Bradford)
26Stroganov ValeryCAN1089COMPOn (Toronto)
27Hay JohnCAN1057COMPOn (Mississauga)
28Zhang CharlieCAN1018COMPOn (Toronto) - a
29Mane ArnavCAN994COMPOn (Richmond Hill)
30Joshi AditCAN940COMPOn (Aurora)
31Fallahnodehi RezaCAN900NON
32Cheng Kyler Chi-ReyCAN863NONOn (Richmond Hill)
33Qu VincentCAN760NONOn (Aurora)
34Zhou ZhaojiaCAN750NONOn (Newmarket)
35Pearson DaveCAN1540NONOn (Newmarket)