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Cupa Podul Inalt - Ed.11 Open C - Nelegitimati ( Vaslui, 28-30 Iunie 2018 )

Last update 30.06.2018 11:18:42, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1FCAliciuc LarisaROU1001Vaslui
2FCBalu GabrielROU1001Vaslui
3FCBirsa MateiROU1001Vaslui
4FCBostaca VictorROU1001Vaslui
5FCBraniste Horatiu-AndreiROU1001Vaslui
6FCBuzila StefanROU1001Suceava
7FCChiritescu ErikaROU1001Vaslui
8FCCiobanu DariaROU1001Suceava
9FCGrigore StefanROU1001Suceava
10FCMoldovan RazvanROU1001Arad
11FCPaslariu AndreiROU1001Piatra Neamt
12FCPaslariu MariaROU1001Piatra Neamt