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3em Open Blitz Layali Ramadhan 2018 Oran

Last update 04.06.2018 00:37:05, Creator/Last Upload: algerian+c1552

Starting rank list of players

1Ghebache Nourreddine7901135ALG2097
2Boudjourfa Adlane7903464ALG2091
3Berrached Mohammed7903456ALG1991
4Brahim Djelloul Azzedine7906722ALG1978
5Moueden Mohamed Amine7902018ALG1895
6Ferahi Tarik7912153ALG1562
7Boudaa Djamil7918445ALG0
8Boutaleb Reda7905270ALG0
9Cherif Salim7918178ALG0
10Ghafour Ghanem7906412ALG0