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19. A.Karpov Intl Tournament

Last update 05.06.2018 16:17:20, Creator/Last Upload: kovaleva, galina (rus)

Starting rank list of players

9GMNepomniachtchi Ian4168119RUS2751
1GMJakovenko Dmitry4122356RUS2735
4GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi5029465IND2707
6GMFedoseev Vladimir24130737RUS2706
10GMArtemiev Vladislav24101605RUS2704
2GMGelfand Boris2805677ISR2695
5GMKorobov Anton14105730UKR2678
8GMKovalev Vladislav13504398BLR2650
3GMSutovsky Emil2802007ISR2647
7GMBologan Victor13900048MDA2610