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Blessing Cup 2eme Edition U20 feminin

Last update 06.06.2018 20:11:15, Creator/Last Upload: ljmuller84

Starting rank

1Aristal LovelieHAI1000Fonds Parisien
2Charles SonitaHAI1000Fonds Parisien
3Cyprien Shelda ChristieHAI1000Nid Douillet
4Dinat KerlineHAI1000ENLA
5Etienne EneseHAI1000ENLA
6Louis AneseHAI1000Greta Home
7Louis SonithaHAI1000ENLA
8Occilas EvidayaHAI1000ENLA
9Pierre Noël Marie RoselineHAI1000Fonds Parisien
10Sanon MirlandeHAI1000Fonds Parisien
11Toussaint MedjineHAI1000AJEH
12Xavier DaphkalineHAI1000ENLA
13Paul TheophaneHAI1000Saint Leonard