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22. Offene Internationale Bayerische Meisterschaft Tegernsee

Last update 04.11.2018 15:39:07, Creator/Last Upload: gjo

Player overview for BRA

14GMFier Alexandr25580BRA½1111½1017,012

Results of the last round for BRA

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
FMSieglen Joachim Dr.22086 0 - 16 GMFier Alexandr2558

Player details for BRA

GM Fier Alexandr 2558 BRA Rp:2548 Pts. 7,0
1139CMWenner Tobias21192070GER5,0s ½
2243Hofmann Lorenz19951940GER5,5w 1
372Köhler Christian Friedrich22412268GER5,0s 1
4106FMSchneider Jana21742135GER6,0w 1
541IMStark Lars23742371GER6,0s 1
64GMKovalenko Igor26462627LAT7,5s ½
78GMBraun Arik26032575GER6,5w 1
810GMPapp Gabor25912556HUN7,5w 0
986FMSieglen Joachim Dr.22082177GER6,0s 1