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Club Argentino de Ajedrez - TORNEO ABIERTO Maria Teresa Calatrava y Antonio Lojo - Válido al ELO $8000 en Premios - 19:45 HS

Last update 28.06.2018 04:47:17, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

Playing schedule

12018/06/0419:45 Hs.
22018/06/0619:45 Hs.
32018/06/0719:45 Hs.
42018/06/1119:45 Hs.
52018/06/1319:45 Hs.
62018/06/1419:45 Hs.
72018/06/1819:45 Hs.
82018/06/2119:45 Hs.
92018/06/2519:45 Hs.