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24. Prvenstvo Crne Gore za mlade sahiste - B10

Last update 24.05.2018 06:51:48, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1Lausevic Gorazd16505646MNE1330O.S.S.
2Drasler Luka16504909MNE1167Dijagonale
3Milovic Ilija16504330MNE1088Omladinac-Buducnost
4Blecic VukMNE0Omladinac-Buducnost
5Djurkovic Vuk16506014MNE0Mladost
6Dragicevic NiksaMNE0Dijagonale
7Jankovic VukMNE0Omladinac-Buducnost
8Karadaglic Balsa16506324MNE07. Oktobar
9Lakovic Lazar16505700MNE0O.S.S.
10Milic MaksimMNE0Omladinac-Buducnost
11Mitrovic Aleksa16506316MNE07. Oktobar
12Perkovic JovanMNE0O.S.S.
13Sekaric Aleksandar16506057MNE0Niksic
14Svrkota Milos16505603MNE0Omladinac-Buducnost