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24. Prvenstvo Crne Gore za mlade sahiste - B16

Last update 24.05.2018 06:52:08, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank list of players

2Vuckovic Marko16501870MNE2103Omladinac-Buducnost
7Alivodic Dario16501632MNE1978Omladinac-Buducnost
10Sukovic Darko16502329MNE1886Omladinac-Buducnost
6Miletic Vuk16503406MNE1814Mladost
8Kalezic Bojan16502698MNE1722Mladost
9Draskovic Aleksandar16502027MNE1713O.S.S.
1Aleksic Filip16504925MNE1646Niksic
3Milic Ognjen16506278MNE07. Oktobar
4Milosevic VukMNE0Mornar
5Rolovic Balsa16504003MNE0Crnogorac