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2do Torneo de Ajedrez National University College

Last update 18.05.2018 20:15:05, Creator/Last Upload: federacion de ajedrez de puerto rico

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
19Voc. de Costa Rica 154018,080
212Voc. de Costa Rica 454017,580
310Voc. de Costa rica 253117,570
41Herminia Rivera Fernández 152216,060
511Voc. de Costa Rica 353026,060
68Superior Urbana Aguas Buenas52216,060
73National University Bayamón50414,040
84National University Caguas51224,040
913Voc. de Costa Rica 552123,050
107Superior Juan J. Ozuna51223,040
116Superior Juan J. Ozuna51222,040
122Herminia Rivera Fernández 251222,040
5Superior Juan J. Ozuna51222,040

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break3: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints