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D2 Schools Individuals 2018 u11

Last update 19.05.2018 19:28:41, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 33)

Starting rank

1Roets Logan1051Monument
2Moss Prince932Hlangabeza
3Dodo Mpumelelo919Hlangabeza
4Koki Mila919Hlangabeza
5Makore Nokutenda749Nooitgedacht
6Mothiba Thapelo721Nooitgedacht
7Prinsloo Rieghardt694Kenmare
8French Tristan685Monument
9Kruger Drickus641RAM
10French Nicolas635Monument
11Martins Armand610RAM
12Pienaar John553Hartstraat
13Msebenzi Vusumzi510Nayaboswa
14Venter Marc509Bekker
15Swelinkomo Thamsanqa500Hlangabeza
16Kruger Stefan0Rapportryer
17Tarr Riley0Monument
18Van Staden Hanco0RAM