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Doprastav CUP 2018

Last update 06.09.2018 00:59:03, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Starting rank list of players

6Goga Frantisek14909995SVK1864Sk Doprastav Bratislava
4Durovka Stefan14909642SVK1821Sachovy Klub Dubravan
8Chrenko Peter14903784SVK1787Sk Apollo Slovnaft Bratislava
5Bilka Radoslav14934507SVK1668Sk Apollo Slovnaft Bratislava
9Straka Ivan14944243SVK1657Sachovy Klub Dubravan
2Halasz Michal14908271SVK1655Sk Doprastav Bratislava
10Hadri Marian14949148SVK1584Sk Televizia Karlova Ves
3Jambrich Jaromir14915944SVK1576Sk Apollo Slovnaft Bratislava
1Kulik Juraj14927497SVK1541Sk Doprastav Bratislava
7Struhar Adrian14948818SVK1459Sachovy Klub Dubravan