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Estonia 100 Youth Chess Series VII: A-Tournament

Last update 13.05.2018 14:21:22, Creator/Last Upload: eesti maleliit

Starting rank

1Orlova Sofiya4512340EST01446Tallinna MK
2Kamp Laura4514076EST01210MK Areng
3Skorokhod Deniss4513770EST01145MK Chess Continent
4Stepanov Roman4513487EST01120Vabaettur
5Blokhin Georg4513282EST01084Tallinna MK
6Kalju Evan4514602EST01078Vabaettur
7Vili Uku4513991EST01032Vabaettur
8Molotov Iko4513304EST00Tallinna MK
9Rajandu AaronEST00N├Ámme Noortemaja
10Zagrijev Rafael4514327EST00MK Chess Continent