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Festivalul International de Sah Trofeul Litoralului (Seacoast Trophy) ed.XXVIII

Last update 27.06.2018 18:16:46, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 25)

Player info

NameDergausov Denis
Starting rank45
Rating national0
Rating international1864
Performance rating1850
FIDE rtg +/-8,8
Year of birth 1979


141101FCBogdan-Mihalescul Marcel-Ioan01001ROUCs Tinerii Maestri Bucuresti3,0w 1
21820Ceres Dragos21670MDA6,0s 0
33389IICiorba Mihai14651465ROUCs Tinerii Maestri Bucuresti5,0w 1
41318CMCiorica Mihai-Vlad21832183ROUCss Nr. 1 Timisoara6,0w 1
51217Chircu Vadim21990MDA6,5s 0
61416CMZubcu Vlad-George22172217ROUCs Politehnica Iasi6,5s 0
72567ICristian Codrut17121712ROUCs Tinerii Maestri Bucuresti4,5w 0
83384WCMMaria Lia-Alexandra15141514ROUCs Dinamo Bucuresti4,0s 1
92871IIonita Angel16351635ROUClubul De Sah Diana Galati4,0w 1
101924Shtefyrtsa Vsevolod20460MDA5,5s ½