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Oulun nopean shakin mestaruus

Last update 05.05.2018 15:05:44, Creator/Last Upload: finish chess federation (licence 19)

Starting rank

1Vinke Dietmar1703196FIN2185OSS
2Sergeev Aleksey B.24133884RUS2033
3Peltomaa Jukka505838FIN1999RaahLi
4Salykin Aleksandr44107730RUS1999KemTS
5Lehtonen Simo501980FIN1929OSS
6Simkin Alexander4160428RUS1910
7Sassi Matti509612FIN1902OSS
8Leukkunen Raimo506184FIN1874OSS
9Hietala Kai512419FIN1827OSS
10Nisula Timo503568FIN1810OSS
11Ruokamo Vesa512460FIN1602KemTS