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1th tournament of chess club of Peristeri for norm Metr

Last update 27.07.2018 13:15:10, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Spyropoulos Nikolaos4298977GRE2183
2FMNikolaou Georgios4203801GRE2231
3Louka Magdalini4271246GRE1796
4IMKofidis Andreas4200217GRE2327
5Krallis Christos4298896GRE2207
6Loukopoulos Panagiotis-Athanasi4293835GRE1844
7Karountzos Nikolaos4216792GRE2132
8Rahmanidis Petros4252527GRE2091
9Kostouros Alexandros4206100GRE2112
10Giordos Vasilios4214706GRE2060