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ACC Smash Crash Swiss U1400 Section

Last update 05.06.2018 05:02:58, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Stroganov VictorCAN1319ON
2Spahic MatthewCAN1296ON
3Bar-Natan ItaiCAN1285ON
4Tran DennisCAN1265ON
5Tuchow RyanCAN1168ON
6Kalniev StefanCAN1166ON
7Moiseev AlexCAN1119ON
8Stroganov ValeryCAN1064ON
9Pancer JeffCAN1062ON
10Wadhwa RymnCAN1040ON
11Kamnitzer BenjaminCAN965ON
12Noritsyn IvanCAN955ON
13Souchko LarissaCAN954ON
14Lambert PeterCAN1160ON
15Patton Mark A.CAN1228ON