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Finalturnier U12 vom 18. - 21.5.2018 in Bern Hotel Bern, Zeughausgasse 9, 3011 Bern

Last update 30.05.2018 13:38:19, Creator/Last Upload: georg kradolfer

Starting rank

1Gamsa Clemens1335090SUI1825
2Asllani Dorian1341332SUI1780
3Papaux Steve1337602SUI1738
4Zweifel Gavin1336231SUI1722
5Spichtig Elija1337610SUI1709
6ACMAnand Aryan1336851SUI1705
7Zogg Alexander12000191SUI1678
8Weissenhofer Jonas12000183LIE1654
9Toth Manoush1340204SUI1651
10Erne Raphael1341928SUI1638
11Gemelli Romain1336401SUI1628
12Hoang Tommy1331035SUI1594
13Rotunno Flavio1338528SUI1584
14Hüseynova Gülüzar13417436AZE1540
15Hirzel C├ędric1341910SUI1515
16Sosnovski Nikita1341901SUI1515
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