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58º Torneio Jovem do Clube de Xadrez de Sintra

Last update 17.05.2018 20:38:15, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 13)

Starting rank

1Paz Tiago Candeias1943138POR1337Cx Sintra
2Dong Rafael1958038POR1183Cx Sintra
3Dong Fábio1958020POR1175Cx Sintra
4Abreu João Miguel Silvestre A1951530POR1139Cx Sintra
5Hermenegildo Tiago Alexandre1956329POR1124Cx Sintra
6Caturra Rafael Dias1946285POR1117Cx Sintra
7Martins Duarte Manuel Barbedo1955519POR1116Cx Sintra
8Cunha JoãoPOR1016Cx Sintra
9Martins Lourenço Manuel B1955527POR1013Cx Sintra
10Silva Pedro Afonso Nunes Ferr1952668POR1001Cx Sintra
11Biscoito DiogoPOR0Cx Sintra
12Carlos CarolinaPOR0Cx Sintra
13Estiveira JúliaPOR0Cx Sintra
14Ilharco JoãoPOR0CX Sintra
15Li Dongqi KevinPOR0CX Sintra
16Melo Constança Pinto Correia1948644POR0Cx Sintra
17Melo Simão Pinto Correia1943090POR0Cx Sintra
18Oliveira João Moura De1956370POR0Cx Sintra
19Santos EvanPOR0Cx Sintra
20Santos TristanPOR0Cx Sintra
21Serafim VascoPOR0CX Sintra
22Sperkach Artur1953591POR0Cx Sintra
23Xu JunyangPOR0Cx Sintra
24Xu KexinPOR0Cx Sintra
25Xu VictorPOR0Cx Sintra
26Xu YangyiPOR0Cx Sintra