2nd North Eastern Masters IM Norm Invitational

Organizer(s)Anand Dommalapati (Capital Area Chess Inc, USA)
FederationUnited States of America ( USA )
Tournament directorIA Anand Dommalapati
Chief ArbiterFA Korey Kormick
ArbiterNA Greg Vaserstein
Time control90 min + 30sec per move from the first move.
LocationWestin Washington Dulles Airport Hotel
Rating calculationRating national, Rating international
Date2018/05/18 to 2018/05/22
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

Last update 23.05.2018 00:54:09, Creator/Last Upload: capchess

Tournament selectionGM Norm Invitational , IM Norm Invitational
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Round 1 on 2018/05/18 at 19.00
112147FMJayaraman Arvind1 - 0GMZapata Alonso241510
222276FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.1 - 0FMWang Wesley23229
332356IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren0 - 1FMStearman Josiah23688
442230Karamsetty Jeevan0 - 1FMSinha Sahil22737
552444IMPanjwani Raja1 - 0Paul Justin22466
Round 2 on 2018/05/19 at 12.00
1102415GMZapata Alonso1 - 0Paul Justin22466
272273FMSinha Sahil0 - 1IMPanjwani Raja24445
382368FMStearman Josiah0 - 1Karamsetty Jeevan22304
492322FMWang Wesley½ - ½IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren23563
512147FMJayaraman Arvind1 - 0FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.22762
Round 3 on 2018/05/19 at 18.00
122276FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.0 - 1GMZapata Alonso241510
232356IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren½ - ½FMJayaraman Arvind21471
342230Karamsetty Jeevan0 - 1FMWang Wesley23229
452444IMPanjwani Raja1 - 0FMStearman Josiah23688
562246Paul Justin0 - 1FMSinha Sahil22737
Round 4 on 2018/05/20 at 12.00
1102415GMZapata Alonso½ - ½FMSinha Sahil22737
282368FMStearman Josiah0 - 1Paul Justin22466
392322FMWang Wesley0 - 1IMPanjwani Raja24445
412147FMJayaraman Arvind1 - 0Karamsetty Jeevan22304
522276FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.½ - ½IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren23563
Round 5 on 2018/05/20 at 18.00
132356IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren½ - ½GMZapata Alonso241510
242230Karamsetty Jeevan1 - 0FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.22762
352444IMPanjwani Raja1 - 0FMJayaraman Arvind21471
462246Paul Justin1 - 0FMWang Wesley23229
572273FMSinha Sahil1 - 0FMStearman Josiah23688
Round 6 on 2018/05/21 at 12.00
1102415GMZapata Alonso½ - ½FMStearman Josiah23688
292322FMWang Wesley1 - 0FMSinha Sahil22737
312147FMJayaraman Arvind0 - 1Paul Justin22466
422276FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.1 - 0IMPanjwani Raja24445
532356IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren0 - 1Karamsetty Jeevan22304
Round 7 on 2018/05/21 at 18.00
142230Karamsetty Jeevan0 - 1GMZapata Alonso241510
252444IMPanjwani Raja1 - 0IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren23563
362246Paul Justin½ - ½FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.22762
472273FMSinha Sahil1 - 0FMJayaraman Arvind21471
582368FMStearman Josiah0 - 1FMWang Wesley23229
Round 8 on 2018/05/22 at 10.00
1102415GMZapata Alonso0 - 1FMWang Wesley23229
212147FMJayaraman Arvind0 - 1FMStearman Josiah23688
322276FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.1 - 0FMSinha Sahil22737
432356IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren1 - 0Paul Justin22466
542230Karamsetty Jeevan0 - 1IMPanjwani Raja24445
Round 9 on 2018/05/22 at 15.00
152444IMPanjwani Raja½ - ½GMZapata Alonso241510
262246Paul Justin1 - 0Karamsetty Jeevan22304
372273FMSinha Sahil½ - ½IMEnkhbat Tegshsuren23563
482368FMStearman Josiah½ - ½FMDel Mundo Anton Paolo C.22762
592322FMWang Wesley½ - ½FMJayaraman Arvind21471