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2018 Chinese chess championship (Men)

Last update 29.04.2018 11:50:05, Creator/Last Upload: chinesechessassociation

Starting rank list of players

1GMLu Shanglei8603332CHN2640
12GMZhou Jianchao8603537CHN2616
3GMBai Jinshi8602280CHN2586
7GMWen Yang8602956CHN2585
5GMXu Xiangyu8608288CHN2574
11GMZeng Chongsheng8603847CHN2542
2IMXu Yi8605564CHN2522
9GMFang Yuxiang8605840CHN2502
4GMXu Jun8600031CHN2501
6IMWang Chen8601020CHN2495
8IMLiu Yan8608962CHN2481
10IMLiu Guanchu8603901CHN2459
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