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Cairo Chess Academy Blitz 16

Last update 17.04.2018 13:51:11, Creator/Last Upload: egyptian chess federation

Starting rank

1GMHesham Abdelrahman10600183EGY2520
2IMSarwat Walaa10600256EGY2280
3IMEl Ghazali Youssef M.10600167EGY2204
4Allam Emad Hamdy10608648EGY2192
5FMAshraf Shereif10618260EGY2176
6Magdy Morad10603476EGY2141
7Roshdy Mahmoud10607447EGY2087
8Ramadan Farag Ahmed10624490EGY1991
9Fawzy Abdel Kareim10615377EGY1919
10Abdel Aziem Aly Yusef10612823EGY1916
11Galal Ahmed10608168EGY1909
12Wageih Mamdouh10620397EGY1857
13Kasem Ashraf10657894EGY1769
14Hamdy Osman Mohamed10647457EGY1689
15Moheb Yaser10602704EGY1631
16Abdulraouf Othman MuhammadEGY0
17Amro Awes Ahmed10657738EGY0
18Fathy Mohamed342060234FID0