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JNW Club - Linden Open 2018 - A Section

Last update 14.04.2018 21:28:20, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 65)

Starting rank

1Makoto RodwellRSA2222
2Mnguni JakobRSA2203
3Khumalo KeithRSA1942
4Parodi AlessandroRSA1940
5Meeuwissen XavierRSA1842
6Mendelsohn David CharlesRSA1700
7Mthombeni Nhlaluko KeeveRSA1612
8Ngakane DanRSA1607
9Malan JacquesRSA1602
10Laureles Raymundo14314070RSA1551
11Nkwe OmogoloRSA1546
12Bucceri DravenRSA1513
13Govender YaduvirRSA1496
14Rossouw Andries JacobusRSA1476