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TB Ch U8 Girls

Last update 17.04.2018 14:35:02, Creator/Last Upload: georgian chess federation

Starting rank

1Abramidze MariamGEO0
2Aniashvili AniGEO0
3Arzyan LileGEO0
4Janelidze Ana13622641GEO0
5Kurdadze EleneGEO0
6Kviriashvili AnaGEO0
7Lomtadze MariamGEO0
8Maevskaya EleneGEO0
9Mamasakhlisi SalomeGEO0
10Sherazadishvili NinoGEO0
11Shermazanashvili AnaGEO0
12Tsikaridze Anastasia13623885GEO0
13Tsikarishvili EkaterineGEO0
14Tsikarishvili KesariaGEO0
15Zarkua Anastasia13623869GEO0
16Zviadadze IrinaGEO0