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National Championship ( Men) Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, 3rd Battle of Grandmasters

Last update 02.06.2010 11:21:02, Creator/Last Upload: philippines chess federation

Starting rank list of players

2GMSo Wesley05202213PHI2665
5GMAntonio Rogelio Jr05200032PHI2572
3GMLaylo Darwin05201330PHI2527
4GMGomez John Paul05201381PHI2507
8IMBitoon Richard05201110PHI2476
10IMDableo Ronald05201152PHI2464
11IMSadorra Julio Catalino05201268PHI2450
9IMDimakiling Oliver05202248PHI2443
7GMGonzales Jayson05201080PHI2441
6IMNolte Rolando05200636PHI2420
1FMPascua Haridas05203953PHI2358
12FMGarcia Jan Emmanuel05200750PHI2315