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Chess week-end in Oradea nr.5

Last update 13.05.2018 17:56:00, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 7)

Starting rank

1ISzallos Nandor1218328ROU2027Cs Crisul Oradea
2CMCsilcser Laszlo1215736ROU1945Cs Crisul Oradea
3IBujor Mircea1219561ROU1824Cs Crisul Oradea
4IPaul Marius-Adrian1225146ROU1764Cs Universitatea Agora Sport C
5IICaba Victor-Paul1252330ROU1577Css Gandirea Oradea
6IIConstantin Constantin1276000ROU1393Cs Universitatea Agora Sport C
7IIHejja Irisz-Hanna1246038ROU1365Lps Satu Mare
8FCMihincau Marinel-Doru1284282ROU1364Cs Universitatea Agora Sport C
9IIPaul Darius-Bogdan1252194ROU1341Cs Universitatea Agora Sport C
10Boros AlexandruROU1001Oradea
11Deac DorelROU1001Oradea
12Wagner Paul Leonard16261070GER1001Germania
13Zaporojan LeonidROU1001Oradea
14FCBrata Sebastian1273760ROU1001Cs Universitatea Agora Sport C