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International Tournament "Paracin 2018" - OPEN B July 6-13

Last update 13.07.2018 14:11:21, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Player overview for POL

93IIChowaniec Artur1675POL½010½01104,010220-3,80OPEN B

Results of the last round for POL

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IIChowaniec Artur16754 0 not paired 

Player details for POL

II Chowaniec Artur 1675 POL Rp:1669 Pts. 4,0
112MKVukasinovic Sasa2033SRB5,5w ½0,100,40208,00
28MKZivanovic Blagoje2061SRB4,5s 00,09-0,0920-1,80
3120IMicic Aleksa1560SRB5,5w 10,660,34206,80
449MKRadojicic Aleksandar M1846SRB5,0w 00,27-0,2720-5,40
5145IISoyumez Ilayda1399TUR4,0s ½0,83-0,3320-6,60
6141MKZdravkovic Filip1439SRB3,5s 00,80-0,8020-16,00
7140IBrocilovic Stefan1466SRB2,0w 10,770,23204,60
8121IIGrozdanovic Anastasia1547SRB3,5w 10,670,33206,60
9-not paired- --- 0