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Pretoria Chess Club Championship 2018 B Division

Last update 21.06.2018 09:27:13, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 57)

Starting rank list of players

7Swart RiaanRSA1804Pretoria Chess Club
2Moolman FrancoiseRSA1668Pretoria Chess Club
9Nel CarelRSA1628Pretoria Chess Club
8Slabbert WimRSA1608Pretoria Chess Club
4van Ginkel AdolfRSA1605Pretoria Chess Club
3Wohlfahrt OscarRSA1597Pretoria Chess Club
6Jacobs LeonRSA1583Pretoria Chess Club
5Iwanik JackRSA1505Pretoria Chess Club
1van Wyk JustusRSA1438Pretoria Chess Club