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ACC Spring Thaw Swiss U1400

Last update 24.04.2018 04:50:34, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Stroganov VictorCAN1276ON
2Chodoriwsky DavidCAN1262ON
3Patton Mark A.CAN1248ON
4Tran DennisCAN1239ON
5Stefanovich-Thomson AlexisCAN1237ON
6Kalniev StefanCAN1233ON
7Matetski KonstanstinCAN1203ON
8Weng DavidCAN1178ON
9Lambert PeterCAN1154ON
10Randle BillCAN1113ON
11Tuchow RyanCAN1094ON
12Moiseev AlexCAN1054ON
13Souchko LarissaCAN1049ON
14Stroganov ValeryCAN995ON
15Noritsyn IvanCAN981ON
16Teram EliCAN971ON
17Kamnitzer BenjaminCAN966ON
18Chandra AmbarishCAN930ON
19Cvetkovic NikolaCAN835ON
20Zuo RogerCAN761ON