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12. Kadetski festival ŠS Srbije - M 18

Last update 08.04.2018 13:16:01, Creator/Last Upload: sahovski savez vojvodine


Round 1 on 2018/04/02 at 16.00h
121968Damjanovic Vuk0 - 1Bilic Milanko19707
232174Stefanovic Ognjen½ - ½Stanojevic Ilija21686
342094Savic Mihailo S½ - ½Petrovic Borislav I19265
412132Krstic Milos0spielfrei0-1
Round 2 on 2018/04/03 at 16.00h
162168Stanojevic Ilija0 - 1Savic Mihailo S20944
271970Bilic Milanko½ - ½Stefanovic Ognjen21743
312132Krstic Milos½ - ½Damjanovic Vuk19682
451926Petrovic Borislav I0spielfrei0-1
Round 3 on 2018/04/04 at 16.00h
132174Stefanovic Ognjen0 - 1Krstic Milos21321
242094Savic Mihailo S0 - 1Bilic Milanko19707
351926Petrovic Borislav I0 - 1Stanojevic Ilija21686
421968Damjanovic Vuk0spielfrei0-1
Round 4 on 2018/04/05 at 16.00h
171970Bilic Milanko1 - 0Petrovic Borislav I19265
212132Krstic Milos½ - ½Savic Mihailo S20944
321968Damjanovic Vuk½ - ½Stefanovic Ognjen21743
462168Stanojevic Ilija0spielfrei0-1
Round 5 on 2018/04/06 at 16.00h
142094Savic Mihailo S½ - ½Damjanovic Vuk19682
251926Petrovic Borislav I0 - 1Krstic Milos21321
362168Stanojevic Ilija0 - 1Bilic Milanko19707
432174Stefanovic Ognjen0spielfrei0-1
Round 6 on 2018/04/07 at 16.00h
112132Krstic Milos0 - 1Stanojevic Ilija21686
221968Damjanovic Vuk1 - 0Petrovic Borislav I19265
332174Stefanovic Ognjen1 - 0Savic Mihailo S20944
471970Bilic Milanko0spielfrei0-1
Round 7 on 2018/04/08 at 09.30h
151926Petrovic Borislav I0 - 1Stefanovic Ognjen21743
262168Stanojevic Ilija½ - ½Damjanovic Vuk19682
371970Bilic Milanko0 - 1Krstic Milos21321
442094Savic Mihailo S0spielfrei0-1