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Championnat Individuel des Catégories Jeunes 2018 U18 Open

Last update 06.04.2018 10:23:35, Creator/Last Upload: bechir messaoudi

Starting rank

1FMNaoueli Mohammed5502462TUN19291929Menzel Temime
2Atia Mohamed5502500TUN17451745Msaken
3Bouchamla Alaa5502560TUN17241724Msaken
4Hmida Mohamed5502640TUN16461646Msaken
5Chorfane Youssef5508665TUN16061606Cav Tem
6Ben Rhaiem Mohamed5511143TUN15561556C Tem
7Mekni Wajih5513707TUN15541554CS Arianais
8Elaieb Med Yassine5506433TUN14991499ADEB
9Bamri Salim5513685TUN13851385CS Arianais
10Korbi Aziz5505380TUN00Carré royal
11Tamzali Mahjoub5516730TUN00ADEB
12Zormati Wassim5504813TUN00Kal Sguira