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Trofeul Compact RB- Continental Ediția III - Turneul B

Last update 17.03.2018 14:16:54, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 58)

Starting rank

1IIGrigore Alexandru-Mihai1262998ROU1274Csm Bucuresti
2IIPaunescu Stefan-Vlad1277308ROU1193Csm Bucuresti
3IIRadu Alex-Florin1264265ROU1188Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
4IIGrosu Albert-Constantin1263390ROU1174Csm Bucuresti
5IIDachi Mihai-Iulian1281909ROU1132Csm Bucuresti
6IIISalomeia Mihai1274996ROU1124Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
7Burcea Andrei1279661ROU1094Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
8FCGrecu Andrei-Stefan1269542ROU1081Csm Bucuresti
9IICostache Alex1268783ROU1058Acs Mmi Andrei Murariu
10IVSavu Victor-Xavier1267566ROU1049Cs Universitar De Sah Bucurest
11Cretu Maxim-Ionut1268759ROU1014Acs Mmi Andrei Murariu
12Bibis Vlad-Andreas1281879ROU1007Csm Bucuresti
13Barsan VictorROU1001Acs Master Mind Bucuresti
14Constantin-Ciuntu Darius-Mihai1276700ROU1001Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
15David AndreiROU1001Acs Master Mind Bucuresti
16Ilie DariusROU1001Acs Master Mind Bucuresti
17Ionescu MihaiROU1001Acs Master Mind Bucuresti
18Petre Matei-DanielROU1001Acs Master Mind Bucuresti
19Popescu Alexandru-AndreiROU1001Sport Club Juventus Bucuresti
20Spiru Stefan-IustinROU1001Acs Mmi Badea Bela 
21FCSavu Vicentiu-Dorian1267558ROU1001Cs Universitar De Sah Bucurest