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Hart House Reading Week 2018 U1000

Last update 20.02.2018 02:30:38, Creator: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 34),Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 23)

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Starting rank

1Gaisinsky Jacob2621622CAN999On (Windsor)
2Zhou Johnson ZixuanCAN916On (Toronto)
3Stroganov ValeryCAN904On (Burlington)
4Yao AlexandraCAN891Bc (Vancouver)
5Mi RaymondCAN871On (Toronto)
6Sabadash MaksymCAN868On (Toronto)
7Liao JodyCAN864On (Mississauga)
8Zhang DanielCAN825On (Richmond Hill)
9Glinnyi DanyloCAN814On (Mississauga)
10Wu SterlingCAN801On (Oakville)
11Bai KingsleyCAN770On (Toronto)
12Zhang EricCAN763On (Richmond Hill)
13Yang LefanCAN756On (Toronto)
14Lin BrentonCAN722On (Markham)
15Jeyakumar MathushaCAN692On (Scarborough)
16Yang KevinCAN660On (Richmond Hill)
17Huang JustinCAN632On (Richmond Hill)
18Huang IvanCAN613On (Richmond Hill)
19Liao JocelynCAN544On (Mississauga)
20Piccinin DevinCAN479On (Kitchener)
21Guan MarieCAN394On (Richmond Hill)
22Chau JonathanCAN0On (Brampton)
23Chau MatthewCAN0On (Brampton)
24Feng CarinaCAN0
25Grayhame Zain ThaverCAN0
26Maltese AldoCAN0
27Olechnowicz MateuszCAN0
28Piccinin DawsonCAN0
29Robertson-Makuch IanCAN0On (Toronto)