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KNYCC - Kiambu Regional Qualifiers U18 Girls

Last update 19.02.2018 08:48:13, Creator/Last Upload: kenya chess-federation

Starting rank

1Ann NgugiKEN0Limuru Girls High School
2Catherine NzambiKEN0Alliance Girls
3Charlene NzuluKEN0Limuru Girls High School
4Cynthia GathoniKEN0Alliance Girls
5Elilta HabteKEN0State House Girls
6Fatma SalimKEN0State House Girls
7Josphine KatiwaKEN0State House Girls
8Kimberly MbuguaKEN0Limuru Girls High School
9Mercy CheptooKEN0Alliance Girls
10Mercy NyamusiKEN0Alliance Girls
11Paula JonesKEN0Alliance Girls
12Sandra MuthoniKEN0Limuru Girls High School
13Sharon MoheKEN0Limuru Girls High School
14Sonia SineiKEN0Limuru Girls High School
15Venessa NdakalaKEN0State House Girls
16Victoria EkwamKEN0Limuru Girls High School
17Virginia NtinyariKEN0Alliance Girls
18Vivian SikinanKEN0Limuru Girls High School
19Yvonne WangariKEN0Limuru Girls High School
20Anita OnyangoKEN0Alliance Girls