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KNYCC - Kiambu Regional Qualifiers U10 Boys

Last update 19.02.2018 09:18:28, Creator/Last Upload: kenya chess-federation

Starting rank

1Alex MurithiiKEN0Logos Christian School
2Baraka Chege BryanKEN0Membley Titans
3Eric ShawnKEN0Rose of Sharon Academy
4Jamie MaingiKEN0Rose of Sharon Academy
5Jamil RahimKEN0Rose of Sharon Academy
6Joseph CheaKEN0Logos Chritian School
7Kahihu DaudiKEN0Membley Titans
8Karingi RyanKEN0Membley Titans
9Kariuki WaigiKEN0Rose of Sharon Academy
10Kimani Marshall MwangiKEN0Membley Titans
11Kinyanjui Gakuo TonyKEN0Kidformaco Primary School
12Kireithi Maina MathewKEN0Membley Titans
13Musoke Tendai10814035KEN0Logos Christian School
14Ngáng'a Ndung'u AlexKEN0
15Njoroge GithereKEN0Rose of Sharon Academy
16Shah Shubh Bhavesh10812121KEN0Tritonite Stars
17 Vansh AgrawalKEN0Prox Chess House