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70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2018 - C Div Girls

Last update 14.03.2018 09:32:02, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Player overview for MMC

24Goh Yuan Zhi Valerie0MMC10011½0014,537Junior Div Girls
8Goh Yuan Qing Amelie0MMC0100001013,039Lower Jr Div Girls

Results of the last round for MMC

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDPts. ResultPts. NameFEDNo.
92568Wang Zi Tian SoniaSCP 0 - 1 Goh Yuan Zhi ValerieMMC24
9228Goh Yuan Qing AmelieMMC2 1 bye

Player details for MMC

Goh Yuan Zhi Valerie 0 MMC Rp:1005 Pts. 4,5
163Tjengal Grace Angelina0IJT5,5s 1
23Quek Zi Le Aleenta1042NYP7,5w 0
361Tan Xuan Ying0IJT5,0s 0
459Tan Xin Ying Shirlene0TNS4,0w 1
551Orked Alesha Binte Andi Sharino0RLP2,0s 1
665Tong Rui Wen Natalie0IJT5,0w ½
772Yew Kay Lee Cara0MGP4,5s 0
841Lim Yu Xin Avril0NYP4,5w 0
968Wang Zi Tian Sonia0SCP3,5s 1
Goh Yuan Qing Amelie 0 MMC Rp:807 Pts. 3,0
130Ong Sze Ning Gelise0NYP4,0s 0
228Nishta Pradeep0NPS3,0w 1
321Li Royee0PVP4,0s 0
424Loh Xuan Ting Amelia0SNP4,0w 0
520Li Roxuan0PVP4,0s 0
617Kyra Tuyen Le0PCP3,5w 0
77Goh Bi En Caitlyn0FMP2,0s 1
839Woo Yui Sum0MGP4,0w 0
9-bye- --- 1