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70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2018 - B Div Girls

Last update 14.03.2018 09:26:38, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Tin RuiqiNGH1655WestNanyang Girls' High
2Hng Mei-Xian EuniceNGH1500WestNanyang Girls' High
3Choy Jia Ning GillianRGS1448SoutRGS
4Goh Wenxin AbrialeYTS1272NortYishun Town Sec
5Vedika GuptaCGS1109SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
6Cai MinghuiMGS1097WestMGS Sec
7Tan LisaNJC1015SoutNational JC
8Achala JegaprakashPLM0EastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
9Adhvika MohanCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
10Azrah FathimaCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
11Chen Kailin EmilyCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
12Chen Si YingMGS0WestMGS Sec
13Chen YanwenNGH0WestNanyang Girls' High
14Cherpurthy VarnikaRGS0SoutRGS
15Chia GiokCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
16Chokka Swetha PranuthiPLM0EastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
17Guo JianingCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
18Han YanCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
19Harshini AdhidhiMGS0WestMGS Sec
20Ho Min-Yi CarissaRGS0SoutRGS
21Ingrid W H J Morel GanMGS0WestMGS Sec
22Josephine Andrea MadolenCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
23Lee Hui LingSCS0NortSCGS Sec
24Lee Wen Qin GraceYTS0NortYishun Town Sec
25Li Rui Jia VannisYTS0NortYishun Town Sec
26Lim Ai LinSCS0NortSCGS Sec
27Lin Chen AnRGS0SoutRGS
28Ling Sze Yee GladysNGH0WestNanyang Girls' High
29Liu Ze HuiNGH0WestNanyang Girls' High
30Lyu LanqingCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
31Madeline Andrea SofianCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
32Moe Oo Phyu SinCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
33Ng Min Rui MarieRGS0SoutRGS
34Ngo Thu GiangSCS0NortSCGS Sec
35Peng YalinCGS0SoutCrescent Girls' Sch
36Pooja Lingaraj BagalkoltiRGS0SoutRGS
37Sherna CahyadiPLM0EastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
38Shruthi C IyerRGS0SoutRGS
39Sim Shi Min CharmaineRGS0SoutRGS
40Soh Emma NataliePLM0EastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
41Tan Kai Lin StephanieMGS0WestMGS Sec
42Tan Shae-LynnNGH0WestNanyang Girls' High
43Tan Sheryl-LynnNGH0WestNanyang Girls' High
44Tan Shuan Hui ArissaNAS0EastNgee Ann Sec
45Tan Yeh Min JoyPLM0EastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
46Teo KellyNJC0SoutNational JC
47Wu JingyaRGS0SoutRGS
48Yee Zi YinPLM0EastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
49Yeo En Qi ValeriePLM0EastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
50Yeo RoxannePLM0EastPaya Lebar MGS Sec