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Faroes Open 2018

Last update 14.07.2018 16:36:28, Creator/Last Upload: ia mogens nielsen

Tournament selectionFaroes Open 2018, Blitz
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Player overview for RUS

3IMVAVULIN Maksim2552101101½1½6,04242310-7,50Faroes Open 2018

Results of the last round for RUS

Rd.Bo.No. NameGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameGrRtg No.
IMVAVULIN Maksim 2552 ½ - ½ GMNARAYANAN Srinath 2549

Player details for RUS

IM VAVULIN Maksim 2552 RUS Rp:2423 Pts. 6,0
121HRUBY Milan20315,0w 1100,80
212IMHAUBRO Martin23735,5s 010-7,30
323FRUEHAUF Norbert19633,5w 1100,80
416NILSSEN Ellen Fredericia21524,0s 1100,80
58IMNAKAR Eylon24625,0w 010-6,20
614IMRODGAARD John23195,5s 1102,10
76GMGREENFELD Alon24965,5w ½10-0,80
813FMNIELSEN Rogvi Egilstoft23375,0s 1102,30
94GMNARAYANAN Srinath25497,0w ½100,00