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20. ASKÖ Amstettner Jugendschnellschachturnier 18

Last update 17.06.2018 14:36:39, Creator/Last Upload: winfried wadsack

Starting rank list of players

1Schiller JanAUT1297Sv Amstetten
2Stadlbauer MaximilianAUT1235Su Bad Leonfelden
3Karner DanielAUT1230Schachklub Mostarrichi
4Ebner KlaraAUT1109Sv Amstetten
5Weichhart DanielAUT1079Sc Boeheimkirchen
6Wadsack MagdalenaAUT1024Sv Amstetten
7Felleitner ChristinaAUT974Sv Gmunden
8Huber SebastianAUT868Sv Amstetten
9Huber SarahAUT857Sv Amstetten
10Huber LeonieAUT800Sv Amstetten
11Jiang Tianyou SvenAUT0Sv Amstetten