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I Taça Litoral de Xadrez - Open Internacional de Xadrez S. Martinho do Porto 15 a 21 Setembro 2018

Last update 26.09.2018 02:46:51, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 16)

Player overview for IND

3IMSHARMA Dinesh K.2276IND11½1½1½1½7,0323791014,10

Results of the last round for IND

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
IMSHARMA Dinesh K.IND2276 ½ - ½5 FMPITSCHKA ClausGER2262

Player details for IND

IM SHARMA Dinesh K. 2276 IND Rp:2379 Pts. 7,0
126SIMÕES Miguel1805POR5,5s 10,890,11101,10
217WIMFEBRUARY Jesse Nikki1933RSA4,0w 10,880,12101,20
311SISMEIRO Miguel2014POR5,0s ½0,82-0,3210-3,20
47GRUETTNER Ralf2133GER5,5w 10,690,31103,10
52GMGRIGORE George-Gabriel2486ROU7,5s ½0,230,27102,70
613OSIANU Tudor1978ROU5,5w 10,850,15101,50
71GMIKONNIKOV Vyacheslav2551RUS8,0w ½0,170,33103,30
84IMVAN RIEMSDIJK Herman C.2270BRA5,5s 10,510,49104,90
95FMPITSCHKA Claus2262GER5,5w ½0,52-0,0210-0,20