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ACC Club Ch Reserve 2018

Last update 13.03.2018 04:26:06, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Li Yun Hong (kevin)2631083CAN1774ON
2Vigneswaramoorthy VinorthCAN1689ON
3Chen SihaoCAN1651ON
4Armstrong Robert J.2605791CAN1644ON
5Ab-Barin Hooshang2618281CAN1630ON
6Diemer UlliCAN1616ON
7Ogunlana AyoCAN1612ON
8Schwartz LorneCAN1534ON
9Jevtic DraganCAN1511ON
10Guo Haotong Hazel2618974CAN1469ON
11Dixon JavierCAN1466ON
12Saltat MichaelCAN1458ON
13Mansilla Guillermo2629488CAN1439ON
14Belcadi Salim2626675CAN1438ON
15David Jean-MarcCAN1400ON
16Supol GeorgeCAN1337ON
17Kalmanson EvgenyCAN1332ON
18Patton Mark A.CAN1255ON
19Dong YiweiCAN1244ON
20Kalniev StefanCAN1237ON
21Finkelstein MichaelCAN1229ON
22Tran DennisCAN1215ON
23Stefanovich-Thomson AlexisCAN1165ON
24Stroganov VictorCAN1106ON
25Shogilev SandonCAN1090ON
26Moiseev AlexCAN1082ON
27Lambert PeterCAN1076ON
28Pancer JeffCAN1047ON
29Noritsyn IvanCAN1001ON
30Souchko LarissaCAN975ON
31Stroganov ValeryCAN975ON
32Teram EliCAN950ON
33Kamnitzer BenjaminCAN885ON
34England DerekCAN820ON
35Zuo RogerCAN761ON
36Cvetkovic NikolaCAN605ON
37Spahic MattCAN0
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