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Nordic Youth Chess Championship 2018 group C

Last update 11.02.2018 17:07:27, Creator/Last Upload: jouni lehtivaara

Starting rank

1Sörensen Hampus8703884SWE2256
2Ingebretsen Jens E1522965NOR2174
3Sjøberg Isak1521640NOR2094
4Wartiovaara Oliver513024FIN2030
5Easwaralingam Adesh1448552DEN1992
6Mai Alexander Oliver2313391ISL1981
7Stage-Steffensen Sander1455796DEN1913
8Briem Stephan2312506ISL1876
9Ytterberg Felix1740687SWE1875
10Aalto Patrik510726FIN1854
11Fjallheim Leif Reinert7201788FAI1752
12Nielsen Suni í Horni7202393FAI1454
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