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FIDE World Amateur Chess Championship 2018 - section U2300

Last update 29.04.2018 20:36:37, Creator/Last Upload: gerhard bertagnolli

Player overview for ISR

19Gal Moshe2129ISR110100½½04,0312107Under2300

Results of the last round for ISR

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
91219Gal Moshe21294 0 - 14 Bukojemski Adam219410

Player details for ISR

Gal Moshe 2129 ISR Rp:2107 Pts. 4,0
141Herrmann Roman1975ARG4,5w 1
23FMCadena M Gustavo Adolfo2230COL4,5s 1
31FMGaravito Miguel Angel2269COL7,0w 0
431Adamova Tuyara2026RUS4,0s 1
527Altea Alessandro2068ITA5,5w 0
67FMZhunussov Bibek2209KAZ4,5s 0
714Voltolini Giuseppe2156ITA5,0w ½
84WFMBayarmaa Bayarjargal2226MGL4,0s ½
910Bukojemski Adam2194POL5,0w 0