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I Classic Macondo 2018 (181237)

Last update 27.04.2018 18:45:16, Creator/Last Upload: josue amaya

Starting rank list of players

7NMChaves Sanchez Gabriel A6502180CRC2200Ccdr Curridabat
3NMFernandez Sanchez Mario Andres6501621CRC2186Asociacion Goicoechea
2Bonilla Mora Luis Daniel6506089CRC2048Ccdr Moravia
8Amaya Madrigal Josue6502822CRC2037
1Murillo Arguedas Jaime6501079CRC2023Desamparados
9Martinez Acuna Huber6502393CRC2008Turrialba
5Aguilar Pina Luis Gerardo6500994CRC1989Desamparados
4Lopez Duarte Victor6506291CRC1955Turrialba
10Jimenez Mora Jose Pablo6516122CRC1755Goicoechea
6Segura Monge Marco6517277CRC1410Club Uvieta