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XIV. Art Pub Cup Fide U1600 (2018. március 15-18.)

Last update 18.03.2018 16:43:54, Creator/Last Upload: komarom-esztergom country chess fed.

Player overview for FID

1AIMShadrin Alexey A.1569FID1½111116,514015,20U1600

Results of the last round for FID

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
AIMShadrin Alexey A.1569 1 - 05 Broderick Tamas1312

Player details for FID

AIM Shadrin Alexey A. 1569 FID Rp:1659 Pts. 6,5
128Szabo Tamas1153HUN1,5w 10,920,08403,20
219Tyrrell Kerry Ian1203NZL3,5s ½0,90-0,4040-16,00
316Panda Barnabas1222HUN4,0w 10,890,11404,40
413Vancsisin Mark1262HUN4,5s 10,860,14405,60
517Pasti Zsombor1215HUN6,0w 10,890,11404,40
610Rado David1290HUN5,0s 10,840,16406,40
77Broderick Tamas1312HUN5,0w 10,820,18407,20