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Hakodate Training Tournament 2018

Last update 07.01.2018 07:12:24, Creator/Last Upload: testversion

Starting rank

1Yamada AkihiroJPN1980Hakodate
2Shibuya KaiseiJPN1598Hakodate
3Kinjo RunaJPN1485Hakodate
4Kinjo YasuhiroJPN1453Hakodate
5Kinjo ToyaJPN1382Hakodate
6Uchida TaigaJPN1302Hakodate
7Kimura YuseiJPN1166
8Kimotsuki TokihoJPN1144Hakodate
9Kobayashi YukaJPN1036Hakodate
10Anzai KazumaJPN936Hakodate