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Latvian Youth Chess Championship Semifinal 2018 - U18

Last update 14.01.2018 13:21:41, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank list of players

7MKZuj-Zaikovskis Nikita11603909LAT1826Rīgas Šaha skola/Voronova
3IMalnieks Karlis11604204LAT1795Jēkabpils/Jankovskis
2MKGrivnieks Alberts11604670LAT1752Rīgas Šaha skola/Putka
4IMikelsons Mikelis-Emils11607475LAT1691Rīgas Šaha skola/Stašāns
1IAvotins Arturs11604280LAT1624Rīgas Šaha skola/Stašāns
6ITutins Andris11616466LAT1609Jēkabpils/Jankovskis
5ITihijs Aleksejs11610522LAT1561Rīgas Šaha skola/Katišonoks
8IAlekseev Ilia11609001LAT1527Rīga
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