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40th Greek National Women Championship (2017)

Last update 15.01.2018 10:54:07, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation (licence 1)

Starting rank list of players

6WIMPavlidou Ekaterini4213262GRE21962088
1WFMMarkantonaki Haritomeni4207050GRE21902148
4WIMMakka Ioulia4205316GRE21671966
7Makka Evanthia4207513GRE20922019
10Skaraki Antigoni4222970GRE20131836
8Vozinaki Anthi - Maria4263898GRE19641770
2Drakaki Anna-Maria4225210GRE19001842
3Georgitsi Antigoni4246527GRE18041722
9Louka Magdalini4271246GRE17921610
5Nikolaidou Eleni4211006GRE17341657