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73rd Armenian Women's Ch. The Highest League

Last update 20.01.2018 15:47:54, Creator/Last Upload: chess house

Starting rank list of players

8IMGalojan Lilit13301314ARM23002301
1WIMGevorgyan Maria13300270ARM22582291
2WGMKursova Maria4129709ARM22492304
7Sargsyan Anna M.13308130ARM22142266
6Gaboyan Susanna13303627ARM21682217
5WIMGhukasyan Siranush13300946ARM21662223
9WIMAsatryan Sona13305700ARM21112204
10Khachatryan Anna13310780ARM20042139
4WCMMkrtchyan Mariam13310828ARM18342170
3Arakelyan Nare13307657ARM17472053