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3er. TORNEO BLITZ - CPA 2017

Last update 24.12.2017 02:56:52, Creator/Last Upload: pepecarrillo

Starting rank

1IMBaules Jorge6600247PAN2329
2FMTapia Alexei6600581PAN2208
3FMLeon Orlando6600913PAN2176
4Salazar Hernandez Anibal Jose3928675VEN2069
5CMPadilla Alvaro6600387PAN1997
6Vander Hans Carlos6601049PAN1975
7CMSanchez Rogelio6601030PAN1873
8Oquendo Eder4413369PAN1867
9WCMGonzalez Yaribeth6600344PAN1798
10CMChaluja Jose Antonio6600565PAN1791
11Herrera Diego6601170PAN1770
12Morgado Bencomo Guillermo Enr6605281PAN1748
13Gonzalez De La Guardia Luis E6603831PAN1381
14Young Kathryn6604099PAN1312
15Monroe Erick6602185PAN0
16Tanaka Gustavo6606199PAN0